Nashville Artist Myylo Rises Through Excellent Songwriting & LGBTQ Community Events


Coming out of Nashville is Myylo, the LGBTQ singer who is writing pop cinematic heartbreak anthems and putting together local LGBTQ music showcases. His soft but soulful voice takes the listener straight into the immense feeling of heartbreak he is singing about on his single “Lack of You.” The song is emotional from the start, pulling on the heartstrings of the listener and hooking all who listen in to both the songs story and it’s captivating melody. The vocal delivery is made complete with conviction throughout the song but especially in the bridge section where Myylo dives into how deep his feelings were for his previous boyfriend. It’s impossible to not feel the heartbreak. Overall, Myylo’s “Lack of You” is a incredibly crafted pop ballad that deserves to be heard by not just the LGBTQ community, but by all.

Listen on Spotify:

Myylo is very involved with both the pop music and LGBTQ communities in Nashville and frequently hosts concerts to showcase his favorite LGBTQ artists in the local scene. Keep in touch with Myylo and all of the great things he is doing through his Instagram account:

You can enjoy Myylo and other LGBTQ artists on this playlist on Spotify:

Thank you for supporting Myylo and other great LGBTQ artists!

Written by Ryan Cassata

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