Pawl’s High Energy Pop Anthem “Nirvana” Inspires Listeners to Dance

“‘Nirvana’ is about reaching new levels of happiness and freeing yourself from greed, anger and ignorance. It’s easy to complain on a mundane day-to-day life, but instead we should become better at enjoying what we’ve got and make the best of it. The song functions as a reminder to simply enjoy life – every single day.”
– Pawl

Pawl has released a serious pop banger cleverly titled “Nirvana.” The song is catchy from the first note that is sung. The feel-good energy of the song combined with the fun beat creates a unique and high energy song that is easy to dance to. In fact, it’s basically impossible to not want to get up and dance to Pawl’s “Nirvana.” The song quickly becomes irresistible to the listener and then addicting in a good way because of its contagious melody. It’s the type of track that you wish you knew the lyrics to before you hear it for the first time because you are craving to sing along. We are sure that you will have “Nirvana” by Pawl on repeat as you learn all the lyrics so you can bring those champion vibes wherever you happen to adventure to. Get hooked on Pawl on Spotify:


a state of perfect happiness; an ideal or idyllic place.

Written by Ryan Cassata

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