‘Shame’ by Bad Visuals Is Sad NorCal Shoegaze with a Blistering Presence

11 27 18 Bad Visuals‘Shame’ by Bad Visuals is encompassing, sad shoegaze with a blistering, chunky buzz. The band describes itself as, “shoegaze/punk from San Francisco.” These guys really make sure that every element of this track is given room to play out. From the breathy vocals and reverb-drenched guitar down to the singed drums and powerful bass lines, it all seems exactly as it should be. The band definitely traffics pretty heavily in the orthodoxies of their self-described genre, but it feels like they’re pulling together more classic interpretations of the sound like Codeine, My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive and newer, more post-hardcore-oriented takes like Title Fight’s last album or Turnover. Regardless, these guys have an effortless presence most shoegaze bands would be lucky to cobble together. If they’re able to push their compositional and aesthetic ideas a little further, they could be on to something really great. Check out ‘Shame’ below!


Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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