Lauren Reiner Pulls Listeners In With Unexpected Chorus Line

“This song was inspired by an odd night I had in the Summer of 2017. I was a little bit heartbroken and jealous, and a few months later, the song just poured out. I recorded everything except vocals in my producer’s bedroom in Miami, Florida.”
– Lauren Reiner


“You’d Rather” by Lauren Reiner is a song driven by serious heartbreak and jealousy. Starting off slow and smooth, the acoustic guitar sets up a song that sounds quite romantic. The lyrical content on the verse can be taken either way…as heartbreak or as a budding romance. The chorus comes as a complete shock to the listener and quickly determines the songs deeper meaning. At this moment, all of the previous lyrics become very clear in their tone. Lauren Reiner’s heartbreak is fueled by being left for another woman…a woman that is addicted to cocaine. To Lauren the choice between the girl her ex-lover has chosen and her is very obvious. Overall, Lauren Reiner’s soulful yet folky voice combined with excellent story telling and emotional intent makes for a song that cannot be skipped over.

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