‘Aloha’ by Couch Jackets Is Eclectic, Nostalgic-Yet-Futuristic Surf Rock

12 3 18 Couch Jackets.jpeg‘Aloha’ by Couch Jackets is dynamic, sunny rock music with an understated, jazzy approach. “We’re a rock band from central Arkansas makin’ whacky noise,” the group says. They’re “just four guys who love ya cause we can.” This is off “a new in-studio concert series based out of Silver Street in Ashland, Nebraska,” called Hat Trick. The project’s curators describe the band as bringing together, “swirling synths and plucky guitars with a propulsive rhythm section, creating complex but accessible arrangements that draw from influences [like] psychedelia, prog and straight up rock and roll.” These guys definitely channel an exceptionally broad array of sonic inspirations. In spite of that, this has a clear, concerted focus and a lot of originality. A big part of that could probably be attributed to their warm, almost surf-like tone. This is a great recording from a talented band. Check out ‘Aloha’ below!




Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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