Sleepwell’s ’27 Club’ Is Brisk Post-Hardcore with a Strong Take

12 3 18 SleepwellSleepwell’s ’27 Club’ is fast-paced, sad hardcore with a melodic tinge and strong production choices. The band describes the track as dealing “with the emotions of losing someone close to you. It touches on the anger of being left behind and makes references to the infamous 27 Club.” In a lot of ways, this is pretty standard post-hardcore. From the pensive lyrics down to the light melodicism and dueling, power chord-driven guitars, these guys check off a lot of genre norms. In spite of that, it’s a really well-done take on that sound. The recording and mixing on here are top-notch. Behind that, the way these guys fuse a hard rock-influenced, Alexisonfire-esque version of the genre with a traditional, raspy almost spoken-word-style vocal approach reminiscent of La Dispute or Touche Amore is on point. At their core, these guys are a punk band who have a really good handle on their instruments. That’s a promising position to be in. Check out ’27 Club’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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