‘Wax’ by Night’s Edge Is a Flowery, Gothic Take on Dark Radio Punk

12 18 18 Night's Edge.jpg‘Wax’ by Night’s Edge is a sensitive, deeply melodic take on hard rock out of Baltimore. “With a sound just as distinct as its look,” these guys say they are, “bringing originality back to rock music.” They describe their sound as, “a mix of metal, goth and alternative,” that makes use of “harmonies and keys to add deep atmosphere to its driving grooves.” These guys definitely nail a modern understanding of what goth rock could be right on the head. In a lot of ways, they sound like they’ve taken the dramatic, anthemic nature of dark radio punk groups like AFI or earlier My Chemical Romance and fused that with a more flowery, Victorian take on modern hard rock. There aren’t a ton of bands like this out there, so if these guys keep dialing in their production and general aesthetic, they could probably garner a meaningful fanbase with relative ease. This is a cool track from an interesting band. Check out ‘Wax’ below!



Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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