Chevalien’s ‘Bleu, Blanc, Blood’ Is Jazzy, Percussion-Heavy French Rap

12 21 18 Chevalien.jpgChevalien’s ‘Bleu, Blanc, Blood’ is some jazzy, organic rap out of France featuring some meaningful social commentary. This artist describes this as, “a solo project of a multi-instrumentalist,” who began his musical endeavors “as a drummer.” He says he “is surrounded by two other musicians on stage.” There’s a lot of really cool stuff happening on here in terms of production and technique. Rhythmically, the drums are really what drive the beat. They have a freeform, natural quality to them that’s kind of alien to the current rap climate. The percussion is layered with some otherworldly synths and various stringy atmospheric noises which fill out the track without detracting focus from the frontman. Obviously, as with any rap track, the vocal performance is really at center stage on here. There’s kind of a spread out, aloof quality to the bars on here that’s really unique. Overall, this is a track rich in character, environment and meaning. Check out ‘Bleu, Blanc, Blood’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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