Introducing NPR’s “Artist To Watch’ at SXSW: Prateek Kuhad [Music Video]

Indian-born Prateek Kuhad is rising in popularity with the release of his new EP, “cold/mess.” Now, the title song has a captivating and devastating new music video, featuring an explanation of the album cover artwork that shows a couple literally drowning while lost in an embrace. Similar to that artwork, they’re dragging each other down, and the video shows that exact image of the relationship changing from magical to damaging. The song itself is beautiful, flowing like a tide between verse and chorus, between different emotions. The lyrics, with the video, tell the story of a couple struggling to be happy together in the face of intense feelings. Add that heartbreaking story to a catchy pop melody and a pretty voice, and you’ve got a recipe for an absolutely stunning piece of art.

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Written by Skylar Bauer

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