Three Great Xmas Music Videos featuring KT Tunstall, Ryan Cassata & Johanna Chase

Starting us off we have the famous KT Tunstall in a great co-write with Christopher Lennertz titled “Hey, Mr. Santa!” The song is a folky and catchy ballad in which KT Tunstall has a personal conversation with Santa. She shares her Christmas wish list with Old Saint Nick. Her wishes are more meaningful than toy soldiers and gaming systems. She is asking for humanity to come together, she is asking for the hungry to be feed, for the poor to have their needs met, and for the broken to be restored. Above all she is asking for peace and kindness. The lyrics are extremely deep and give a new meaning to what Christmas has become. It’s not all about shopping and spending money, it’s about doing something nice for the people you love and the children of the world. KT Tunstall’s beautiful voice gets the message across loud and clear. All of the proceeds of “Hey, Mr. Santa!” are donated to the charity, War Child. Stream and download ‘Hey, Mr Santa!’ here:

Next up we have Ryan Cassata, who is a transgender singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles. He has created a Christmas Music video for his song “It’s Christmastime” in which he ventures around the warm and sunny Los Angeles during the Winter Season visiting all the famous Christmas spots. He takes a ride on the Holiday Train at Griffith Park, he sings in front of the tree at the famous Americana mall, and rides in a beautiful red sports car to Venice Beach and the iconic Santa Monica pier to sing in front of the gigantic Ferris Wheel. “It’s Christmastime” was a song that was written by George Danno Jr. 50 years ago and re-imagined by Ryan Cassata to mesh with the modern music of 2018. Listen/Buy:

Finishing us off in a classic throwback way is a collaboration between Johanna Chase and First Fire. They have created such a pretty version of the Christmas classic “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.” The stripped down version of the song features incredibly beautiful and unique vocals from the talented Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Johanna Chase who is also playing the piano in the video. Enjoy this rendition of this classic song on YouTube.

Rock the Pigeon would like to wish all our readers a very merry Christmas and happy Holiday Season!

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Written by B. Costa (Guest Blogger)


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