The new DreamStates song is something to obsess about!


DreamStates is out with a new song titled “Impossible Me” to tease their upcoming currently untitled 2019 album which will feature songs that can fit into the shoegaze/indie rock genre. “Impossible Me” is their best work yet that combines some music techniques from the 1980’s and 1990’s to create a sound that brings the good vibes straight to the listeners soul. The song is definitely getting us all excited about the release of the upcoming album! DreamStates are busy writing and recording in the studio. The song “Impossible Me”, released in January 2019, celebrates the music careers and happy lives of the songwriters and the band. The instrumentation is very moving, featuring some trippy electronic sounds. The song comes to life by the excellent vocal delivery and contagious melody. The song is catchy throughout from verse to chorus to the songs end, making an incredible catchy and pleasing masterpiece of a song. DreamStates were proudly the headlining music act at the Akron Women’s March of 2019, and in March they will be headlining the 2019 Lippmanpalooza, a festival that benefits the elementary school that band member Natalie works at as a music teacher.

A quote from the songwriter:

“Our next album will be a celebration of joy, starting with this weird lil’ rocker. It’s an ode to the young boy who became the woman I am today.”

Enjoy the song on Spotify as we all wait for the release of the next DreamStates album!

DreamStates are based in Ohio and are an openly transgender duo. Natalie Grace Martin and Madeline Eckhart started DreamStates together in December of 2017.

Music and Producer Credits:
Natalie Grace Martin: Lead vocals, ukulele, bass, synth programming, engineer/producer. Madeline Eckhart: Vocals, ukulele, producer/social media.

Find out more about this sensational duo, DreamStates on the web: 

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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