Review: “Transparent Lies” by Åskväder

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Åskväder is a rock band based in Sweden with an electrifying sound. This power trio features Jon Solheim on the drums and singing, Staffan Persson on the bass, and Martin Olsson playing guitar and singing as well. Currently the band has released three songs on Spotify. One of those songs is “Transparent Lies” that starts out with quick paced drumming that sounds a bit punk rock. The guitar riff and low bass then comes in to create a great set up for the vocals to shine. The song is filled with power and energy. The band sings about rock n’ roll and romance on “Transparent Lies.” Rock the Pigeons favorite part of this song are the amazing guitar solos and riffs. Overall, “Transparent Lies” by Åskväder is a stand out track that shows off the true artistry and talent of this power trio. The band is eager to release a full length record of music soon. Rock the Pigeon can’t wait!

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