The Frost Duo Release Powerful Song for Suicide Awareness

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The Frost Duo is out with a dark yet beautiful song called “Not Your Time.” The songs purpose is to spread awareness about suicide. The very deep and dark lyrics immediately dive into the topic of mental health struggles and suicide. The lyrics are very upfront and may be triggering to some listeners. However, they are important lyrics that do need to be heard. The songs lyrics talk directly about choosing to live instead of crossing over into the other side. The vocal melody feels like a classic folk song and sits on top of a finger picked guitar and other atmospheric sounds. The song is a bit slow moving but if one listens to their lyrics very carefully and closely, they will have a more open mind and heart about mental health struggles. The song sinks deeply into the heart and moves listeners. Hopefully the song can inspire people to get help for their mental health struggles and help loved ones to recover from the trauma that suicide causes for all who lose someone to it.

“The inspiration to “Not Your Time” came to vocalist of the group, LeahBeth Evans during her senior year of college. While earning a bachelors degree in psychology, she studied that 3-4K people a day worldwide commit suicide and the numbers are growing.”

Listen to the song on YouTube:


Check out the You Rock Foundation:
Mission Statement: Spreading awareness about mental health using interviews with musicians as a catalyst for conversation.

The US Suicide Prevention Line: Call 1-800-273-8255

Written by Ryan Cassata

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