These LGBT Singer Songwriters are OUT with new Music!


One of Rock the Pigeons all time favorites, Myylo, is out with a brand new EP! This EP features a catchy new track called “Be My Baby.” The love song features a jazzy pop vocal that is soothing and convincing, by the end of the song Myylo really impresses fans with his falsetto. The singer-songwriter also plays saxophone and trumpet on this song! Myylo, who is full of so many talents, has released his EP “I’m a Nice Boy” today on Spotify. We also recommend “Lack of You” and “Jonesing” but the whole EP is worth listening to! Enjoy it now:

Leonardo Martinez is a singer-songwriter and dancer based in Los Angeles. He has just released a stunning new music video for “Blink.” Leonardo Martinez has won film festival awards for his past music views. Enjoy it on YouTube:

Johanna Chase is currently fundraising on Kickstarter to create a new album. She has recently dropped an incredible new music video for her new song “Another Lover.”

Follow the Kickstarter campaign here.

Written by Ryan Cassata

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