Matthew Pinder’s Breakup Duet is Powerful and Beautiful

Acoustic folk/indie sound mixed with some subtle country elements is the most basic description of Matthew Pinder’s new song, “Break My Heart and Let Me Go,” but this enchanting duet is so much more powerful than its individual components. Featuring singer-songwriter Molly Bush, this song gained recognition from Spotify just hours after its release when it was added to the site’s “Folk & Friends” playlist, alongside artists like Hozier and John Mayer. “Break My Heart and Let Me Go” definitely holds its own on that playlist, featuring a familiar pattern seen across folk/indie music and the genre’s typical guitar, but the fullness of the sound gives it a kind of life of its own. It feels unique with each listen, like it’s responding to the listener, while still holding the captivating and sad original story up. With his first album released, the second on the way, and over 100,000 monthly Spotify listeners, Matthew Pinder is poised to achieve success.


“This song came out of a real experience. It’s the push and pull of a crumbling relationship. It’s the way that both sides want the other to do what it takes to bring it to a close. There’s a sense of ‘just get it over with’ in the lyrics. But both voices claim that they are not strong enough to cut the cord. So the relationship goes on, and the heartache continues along with it.” – Matthew Pinder

Listen to the song on Spotify now:


Written by Skylar Bauer

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