Celebrate International Women’s Day with Eve Minor

Today is International Women’s Day. Rock the Pigeon is celebrating with one of the most powerful female fronted acts we know, Even Minor. The 5-piece touring outfit, Eve Minor, fronted by Eve herself, are punk rock legends. Eve Minor’s new self-produced music video “Heroin” demands lots of attention. The video has a DIY feel to it that adds to the grungy and punk sound that is Eve Minor. Eve Minor performs her new song fiercely as she adventures through Brooklyn and Manhattan. The music video contains lots of psychedelic filters and edits, further spicing things up. Overall, the song “Heroin” is very catchy both musically and vocally. It’s a total ear worm and shows the power that women posses in punk rock. Punk is not dead! Eve Minor is based in New York City.


“A self produced music video going against the grain of hyper sexualized women.” – Eve Minor

On the songs inspiration:

“The beauty about art is the ability to transform. It started as a sad, acoustic song; I was coming off of fentanyl after having a surgery to remove a tumor. My band and I are really close and it transformed into a fun song that boosted my spirits, so the lyrics followed. It became about being above something. I don’t need a drug, I am the drug. .The video followed as another transformation of fun things that I love. At this point it’s about loving who you are, for whatever it is you’ve gone through, and knowing you’re above anything that tries to hold you down-and knowing that in your entire being. It’s a f*ck you to anyone who says differently; we’re all dope like heroin.”
– Eve Minor

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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