Rosie Tucker Sings Beautifully about Missing “Lauren”

“When Lauren hits record she’ll put the kind of noise out
The queer kids with cute haircuts wanna tell their moms about
Quiet kind of people do the most important shouting
And Lauren I’ll yell with you past a shadow of a doubt but…”

Rosie Tucker is out with a track called “Lauren” that is definitely bringing in the indie rock vibes. The Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter hooks the listener in right from the beginning of the track with both the storytelling lyrics and contagious melody. The song starts off with just vocals and electric guitar and quickly builds with a well-played drum groove. Rosie Tucker shows off her wide vocal range on this song that has both soft and hard moments. The song takes many twists and turns and has unexpected chord changes in the chorus section to keep the song very interesting throughout it’s run. “Lauren” speeds up and slows down. It gets a little sad feeling and at other times it feels more upbeat. The song seems to fuse pop, punk, and rock in a way that is stylistic and trendy.

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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