Kurtis Hoppie makes Christian Hip Hop a Real Genre with “Dreams”

Kurtis Hoppie’s new song “Dreams” transports your body to the great outdoors as soon as the track begins. This is because there’s a sample of chirping birds. It sets the mood to create a track that almost feels meditative. The listener might feel as if they are in the middle of a grassy field with a boom box stereo next to them. The music gets cranked up and Kurtis Hoppie’s track is delivered through the speakers, sending an important message to those who feel lost and wish to discover some sort of religious faith in God.  The song is slow in tempo and definitely chills out the soul. The rap flow is perfectly fitting to the music, and comes across as authentic and emotional.


Kurtis Hoppie’s music is described as Christian and Conscious Hip Hop. He does talk about his life and devotion to prayer and Christianity through his lyrics. To us it seems like he uses music as another method of talking to God, or even a form of prayer. The rapper once struggled with depression and paranoia before discovering a strong relationship with God. He’s open about his struggles via his Spotify biography which also cites that the rapper was inspired to get into the rap music world by his older brother. We are glad he did!

Hear the song on Spotify now:

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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