This New Version of “Drag Queens in Limousines” is a Quirky Folk Hit


Divan & the House of Quoi caught our attention just from the title of their new song “Drag Queens in Limousines.” This folky song, sounding a bit like Father John Misty or even Lou Reed, serves as an excellent teaser to the upcoming Divan & the House of Quoi LP  titled “The Gay Tapes” which is due to come out sometime next month. “Drag Queens in Limousines” was originally written and performed by Grammy nominated songwriter Mary Gauthier, who gave her blessing on Divan’s version of the song. Hey, we love it too! What’s not to love about it? It feels slightly weird in a fun quirky way. The vocals cut across as almost feeling comical but with a sense of urgency. The lead guitar solo feels like it’s drifting through space and exploding in the sky. The song balances between classic rock and modern folk rock. Divan & The House Of Quoi is currently based in Belgium.

Hear the song now:

More info: 

1999 Original version of the song by Mary Gauthier (it’s a bit more country sounding):

Written by Ryan Cassata

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