KomRon & DJ Uche wrote your new favorite workout song


KomRon and DJ Uche have teamed up for a comical hip hop song about working out. It’s called “Spin Class.” Yes, it’s definitely fitting for either Spin Class or a serious (but fun) work out at the gym. The song definitely comes off as funny but we could also see it be taken the wrong way by people who are easily offended. However, we do not think that KomRon has any intention of offending anyone.

The beat is funky and driving, which urges the listener to work out harder and push it to the next level. The song feels catchy in every way; the groove, the horn section, and the vocal flow. The beat definitely feels like an older school style beat, sounding like Run DMC and Public Enemy. The vocal tone has a deepness to it, similar to 2Pac.

For workout fanatics this song is the perfect motivation to get into the best shape of your life! Let it be your summer anthem as your lifting weights and cycling on the bike at the gym!

Cycle, cycle, cycle… KomRon and DJ Uche say “Do it for the beach!”

The song comes from KomRon’s record “Spin Doctor” which was released today! Enjoy it on Spotify now:

Discover more about KomRon here. We heard he’s an NBA Doctor turned rapper!


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