Hear Soulful Vocals & Sexy Saxophone in Nidam’s Debut


“You Think It’s Like A Fire” by Nidam is soulful and sexy. The song starts off smoothly and slowly with a saxophone that really hits the soul. The Danish singer-songwriter and performer has a way with lyrics and vocal delivery that captivates the listener. The song picks up slightly for it’s chorus section and fits into the dream pop world, the indie rock scene, and in with classic rock era music. “You Think It’s Like A Fire” is the first release that serves as a teaser for more to come. The Scandinavian artist will spend some time playing live shows, release another song in June, and then get back into the studio to work on this full length record. This song sounds like it’s perfectly mixed and mastered, so we are excited to hear more from Nidam. This is Nidam’s debut release. If you’re a fan of slow and soulful ballads this is the perfect song for you to hear right now.

“You Think It’s Like A Fire” by Nidam is available for streaming on Spotify now:

Find out more: facebook.com/nidammusic

Written by Ryan Cassata

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