Up and coming Indie Pop Artist, Dreamsuite, Gives Us a Hot Track to Vibe to this Summer with his New Single “Can’t Let Go”

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Dreamsuite is a solo indie pop artist project started in 2018 by Anton Khabbaz. He has a lifelong passion for music and derives inspiration from artists that span across multiple genres. He is a classically trained musician who recently migrated to writing and producing his own music. He has been creating indie pop/electronic blend tracks for over a year and doesn’t plan on losing momentum. Some of his main influences are LANY, Day Wave, Shawn Mendes, and Lauv.

Dreamsuite’s newest single “Can’t Let Go’ highlights the all too relatable struggle of going through and getting over love in the modern age.

“‘Can’t Let Go’ was written about letting go of that special someone in your life. It simply just isn’t that easy.” – Dreamsuite

What makes this song so great is that everyone can empathize with it. We’ve all had some taste of unrequited or lost love. He effectively captures the restlessness of sleepless nights waiting by the phone for that reply text and the mental exhaustion of moving on. His passion for music really comes through in this track. Its chill dreamlike vibe and clean addictive beat will have you blasting this song on repeat. It is a must for every summer playlist worth listening to.

“Can’t Let Go” is available on multiple streaming platforms:


“I do all my art and creative directing myself, and that’s something that I truly love alongside my music. I just want to share my art with the world, and be as genuine and honest with it possible.” – Dreamsuite

This is just the tip of the iceberg for this LA based artist. Expect to see more from him in the near future including a new music video coming soon.

Other songs include the 2018 release of “Just Us” which can be found on Spotify.


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IG: @itsdreamsuite

FB: https://www.facebook.com/dreamsuiteofficial/

Written by Wes Spaulding

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