‘More Giraffes’ and ‘Figs Vision’ Transform The Hi Hat into a Weird and Whimsical Synth-Pop Wonderland


On August 21st, 2019 More Giraffes and Figs Vision entertained LA with a show organized by “We Found New Music” at The Hi Hat.

More Giraffes is an LA based synth-pop duo known for their chill vibes and carefree pop tracks. Their music is their playground and they are always excited to share it with you. Last night they welcomed us into that playground with open arms and first time performances of some of their newest work. The duo was very well rehearsed and totally captivated the audience. The greatest part to me was that they just looked like they were having fun and getting lost in their own music. The lead singer, Keeley, even jumped off the stage and started dancing with the crowd. Overall, it was just an amazing performance and a really good time. You’ll definitely want to add their songs to your summer playlist. Be on…

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Author: wes_spaulding

Biomedical engineer and Musician. Contributor at Rock the Pigeon Blog.

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