Sixx:A.M. Releases Inspiring New Single “Talk To Me” In A Push To End The Stigma Plaguing The Opioid Epidemic

Sixx:A.M. is an L.A. based rock band created in 2007 by Mötley Crüe bassist, Nikki Sixx. In addition to being a kick-ass bass player, Nikki Sixx is also a board member of the Global Recovery Initiative Foundation and is a pioneering advocate for ending the stigma associated with opioid addiction. Earlier this week Sixx attended a #TalktoMe campaign put on by the National Opioid Action Coalition (NOAC) in collaboration with WPP and iHeartRadio. Sixx:A.M. premiered their new song “Talk To Me” at the campaign as a motivating anthem for the movement.

The band hopes that this song will help create a dialogue and foster positive solutions to help people in need of recovery.

Recovery is not a dirty word. People a lot of times are a little embarrassed — they’re embarrassed to come forward and say, ‘I have a problem’, and I think if more people felt comfortable or if they understood where to find hotlines or find narcotics anonymous meetings, go and find other support because the same way you get yourself into an addictive behavior… you can change that by putting yourself in a healthy environment.

-Nikki Sixx
Band members (left to right): DJ Ashba, James Michael , and Nikki Sixx

Sixx:A.M. has more inspiring new music on the way including songs they plan to include in the Heroin Diaries Musical that will be coming to Broadway in the near future. The band is committed to ending the stigma that has long been plaguing opioid addiction. Join in the conversation at —

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Written by Wes Spaulding

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