Judy Blank’s Acoustic Folk Ballad “1995” is Irresistible


Dutch artist Judy Blank brings us “1995”, a gorgeous folk ballad that is impossible to ignore. The song is captivating with all it’s moving parts. A simple acoustic guitar picks at the beginning of the song setting up a solid foundation for Blank’s stunning voice. Judy Blank’s angelic voice follows the chords with a melodic lead vocal that captures the ears and hearts of the listeners. This song is simply irresistible. The hook of the song “…but I’m afraid I am too young to grow old with you” will pull on your heartstrings and get stuck in your head.

“1995” builds throughout it’s course, only returning to an acoustic section for a few seconds, making the song feel more emotional as it nears it’s end. The drums and bass add quite a bit to this love song but the song is also strong enough to stand on it’s own as an acoustic folk hit. “1995” is off of Judy Blank’s 2018 record “Morning Sun.”

Dive in on Spotify:

Written by Ryan Cassata

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