Alex McArtor may only be 17, but her intelligent lyrics and brilliant vocal tone prove she’s an old soul

Alex McArtor is a 17 year old singer-songwriter from Austin, Texas. Inspired by the likes of Jesus and Mary Chain, Lou Reed, Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Led Zeppelin, it’s clear that Alex is an old soul in both her lyrical content and musical influences. She has just released her latest EP Heart Talk, Vol. 1 which starts with a breakup anthem called “Loving is the Way.” This song is upbeat in musical style while the lyrics go very deep into the dark topic of a possible toxic relationship and owning oneself to not become someone else’s toy. Alex McArtor proves her strength and bravery in this song. The next song “Speed into Air” follows well as track 2, just takes a slightly slower pace. The transition from track to track feels flawless. That brings us to “Heart Talk” which Alex had quite a lot to say about…

“The ‘Heart Talk’ title track is the most important song to me on this EP as it spawned a full album’s worth of material,” Alex McArtor proclaims. “I vividly remember writing it in the dead of winter while I was at boarding school in New Hampshire. I wrote the song in under five minutes on an untuned piano… a really untuned piano,” she laughs. “It just spilled out of me so effortlessly and lifted this weight that I didn’t even know I had off my chest. I had taken a little break from writing songs that fall while away at school and that moment just made me realize how much I need it in my life. It’s the best way I can unbottle and release emotions I have.”


“Crazy” follows the similar theme of the first three tracks, and shows off Alex’s vocal range, talented delivery style, and mature lyrics. Her lyrical content comes across as clever and intelligent throughout the entire record. Not many teenagers could pull that off. Every word seems so well thought out. While each track on Heart Talk, Vol. 1 feels strong in writing and performance, “Crazy” feels like one of the stronger songs on the EP. It stands out in terms of melody and instrumentation choices.

The EP ends off strong with “East Coast.” “East Coast” is a song about saying goodbye and heading on to a new adventure as Alex leaves boarding school. The acoustic guitar and drums create a traveling feeling as if the the young artist is departing on a train and waving out the window to her peers. It’s a good song to say goodbye with and also to end the EP with.

Rock the Pigeon’s only complaint is we wish there was more music to listen to from this talented artist!

Rating: 10/10

For Fans Of: Lana Del Ray, Elle King, King Princess, Steph Macpherson, Mike Powell

Listen to the EP on Spotify, we are sure you will enjoy it as much as we did:

Written by Ryan Cassata

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  1. Just wow! I was captivated from the first word of “Loving Is The Way.” I’m so in love with the diversity on each track. Completely unpredictable yet immersive and beautiful. I’m so glad I found this!

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