Girlcrush sing about smashing the patriarchy in “Manchild”


girlcrush is out with their latest single “Manchild” which becomes their 3rd official release. The band is quickly gaining a following in Denmark, where they are based, which is no surprise to us as they have been releasing catchy tunes with political messages. This new song, “Manchild” is intriguing from the very beginning. The bass pulses with a simple drum groove as the vocal comes in. Soon enough the distorted electric guitars come in to give the song more of a riot girl punk feel. It’s high energy and demanding of the listeners attention. The lyrics dive into heteronormative relationships that are filled with gender roles. This song is about smashing the patriarchy and also feels quite empowering to woman-identified, trans, and non-binary folks.

“As a woman I was raised to be the glue that makes social relations stick together. In romantic relationships with men I have often been the one taking responsibility for practical tasks like shopping and cleaning as well the emotional labor. Without noticing it i was suddenly the caretaker for men that refused to acknowledge their psychological issues and addictions. “Manchild” is a form of mantra that attempts to break this endless toxic cycle that rearises i many heterosexual relationships – a pattern in which women compromise themselves to hold on to a man and a toxic relationship. The song is explicitly about saying goodbye to these kinds of unhealthy relationships and prioritize your own mental wellbeing” – Marie

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Press Notes that RTP Loves: 

“Girlcrush formed their band around a vision shared by all the members:

Changing people’s perception of gender, body stereotypes and sexuality through charm, strong opinions and crushing honesty in their songs.”

Written by Ryan Cassata

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