False Heads drop single from upcoming debut LP

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Signed to Lovers Music, and endorsed by Iggy Pop who says “they are young talented and going places”, False Heads have been releasing single after single while building up a dedicated fan base. Luke Griffiths, Barney Nash and Jake Elliott are the guys who make up the talented U.K. based rock group that is quickly gaining traction in the music world.

False Heads have finally released a single and the exciting news that their debut record is on the way. Fans have been waiting a long time to hear this! The new single is titled “Fall Around” and shows off the bands wide range of talent. There is nothing boring about the track. Musically it shines with hard hitting bass and drums and a vocal delivered with a punk rock attitude. The guitar work on the song is incredible. It’s not too often that bands include melodic solos on their recordings anymore, so it’s quite refreshing to hear a good one on this new False Heads track. The track takes many twists and turns and remains interesting throughout it’s run. Now, we are very excited to hear their debut record as well.

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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