Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum Releases Hypnotic Single “Ketamine” To Tease Their Upcoming Debut Album

NYC based avant-indie trio Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum released their first single “Ketamine” earlier this month. The trio’s collaboration began innocently enough, with a series of late-night studio hangs fueled by a shared love of pushing art into uncharted territories. Taking their name from a phrase suggested by Katz-Bohen’s daughter, the group constructed an entire world for their music, imagining the Butterfly Museum as a physical space brought to life with the help of legendary mixer Tom Elmhirst (Adele, The xx). The group has been performing in New York City for about a year now and have recently entered the studio to embark on recording their ethereal creations for the masses.

Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum embodies the magic that can happen when three consummate artists commit themselves to fully inhabiting the present, to following their muse without boundaries or restrictions. Their songs are adventurous, with bold, experimental arrangements that incorporate everything from distorted synth rock and ethereal electronics to dreamy folk and R&B. It’s an intoxicating mix.

“Ketamine” builds from hushed intimacy to frenetic energy. It captivates the listener with airy atmospheric synth and descriptive imagery that guide them through the Butterfly Museum’s shimmering halls. You will be left wanting more!

“I came into the studio with fully formed lyrics for that song and the guys discovered the chord structure that would work underneath as I sang it. The first time we played it, it sounded exactly how I imagined it would. It was a magical moment…We all bring something unique to the project. We’re a three-legged stool; we couldn’t stand up without all of us working together.”

– Michael C. Hall
Band members (left to right): Peter Yanowitz, Michael C. Hall, and Matt Katz-Bohen

While Hall may be the most recognizable face in the band—he was nominated for an Emmy for his work on the HBO drama Six Feet Under, won both a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild Award for the acclaimed Showtime series Dexter, and was selected by David Bowie to star in his musical, Lazarus)—his bandmates boast similarly prodigious resumes. Yanowitz began his career playing drums in The Wallflowers before going on to co-found indie stalwarts Morningwood and work with artists as varied as Natalie Merchant, Yoko Ono, Andrew W.K., Allen Ginsberg, and Billy Bragg & Wilco, who enlisted him to perform on their seminal ‘Mermaid Avenue’ collaboration. Keyboardist Matt Katz-Bohen, meanwhile, spent the last decade touring and recording with Blondie, in addition to working with the likes of Boy George and Cyndi Lauper.

Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum has a debut album coming out soon!

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