You’ve Heard of the Monster Mash, but Have You Heard of the Graveyard Party?

Halloween is just around the corner. Do you know what you are going to dress up as yet? Me neither. However, I do know what I will be jamming out to on Spotify!


It’s almost Spooky Season and Fritz Myers is out with a new Halloween smash hit. It’s written to fit in with the classic Halloween Hit, The Monster Mash. We did need an updated Halloween anthem, didn’t we? Now we have “The Graveyard Party.” Details of the party are sung about, as well as a call to invite people in the lyrics. It’s spooktacular! Feeling perfectly complete with a strange sounding organ riff. It even feels like Frankenstein’s Monster is singing the lyrics himself.

Are you going to go to the Graveyard Party?

This song appears in Zach Clark’s indie hit LITTLE SISTER which is streaming on Netflix. Fritz Myers composed the soundtrack for the film. For more info about the film, click here.  If you don’t have Netflix you can watch the movie via Itunes.

Happy Halloween!

Written by Ryan Cassata

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