DMangelo = Conscious Hip Hop’s Finest

DMangelo’s new song “White Brick White House” dives into the horrors of drug addiction and abuse. The music video, which was shot in Colombia, has a dark cast over it and showcases how the romanticization of drugs and alcohol have contributed to an epidemic in modern culture.

The style of the beat sounds slightly haunted setting the perfect mood for the lyrics. DMangelo delivers his rap with great flow and diction over the track. He lays out the truths about drug addiction and the governments involvement. There is not one point on the track where we feel like DMangelo holds back. This is conscious hip hop at it’s finest.


DMangelo says “It’s inspired by the dark tension between those who struggle and those who profit.” That message comes across really clear through his lyrical content and delivery. This is a very important topic that cannot be ignored. Kudos to DMangelo for speaking up through the art of music.

After traveling to Colombia and meeting with the Venezuelans, and Peruvians, and not only hearing but seeing what cocaine did to them as a people. Issues with the cartels, pain, poverty, and segregation. It felt like, I was back in the projects, where those who risk it all either win it all, or die trying. The Colombians, Venezuelans, and Peruvians had the same feelings and drive. They also had the same government profiting off of them every step of the way. We all agreed its no drug trade without government involvement. You know, white brick white house. Shot the video the next day, it was crazy. The original video was a lot more graphic, we was really in they trap and it was so much shit going down, but I dint want to risk people being seen on camera, and/or being put in jeopardy.

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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