ZOOLUXX out with funky, fuzzy single “Just A Little Bit”

ZOOLUXX blends genres on new track.

Fuzzy guitars and fuzzy vocals are some of the elements of ZOOLUXX and their latest song “JUST A LITTLE BIT.” Influences of classic rock, funk, grunge, and psychedelic are heard in the performance and production. ZOOLUXX definitely have a knack at genre-blending. The songs chorus is irresistibly catchy with a lyrics that dive into the insatiable nature of humans in this modern age. Lyrics rhythmically chant: “People want what they don’t got, they ask and they say. I wanna go home right now, I wanna get paid right now. People want what they don’t got it, they ask and they say. I wanna get saved right now, I wanna get laid right now.”



Bluesy guitar riffs, a funk groove, and distorted vocals allow the listeners attention to be held for nearly 5 minutes. The honesty is the lyrics speaks volumes about the attitude of this great band. “JUST A LITTLE BIT” is the first release from ZOOLUXX’s upcoming EP the Ghetto Starship produced by Karl Denson. Enjoy this taste of ZOOLUXX…we are certain you will want a little bit more right now!


For Fans Of: The Black Keys, Baby FuzZ, Ty Segall

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Written by Ryan Cassata 

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