Get Your Blues On with Sass Jordan

Sass Jordan blesses blues fans with impressive cover of “Leaving Trunk.” 

It’s impossible to not fall in love with the distorted bluesy harmonica that kicks off Sass Jordan’s cover of the famous blues song “Leaving Trunk.” Originally written by John Adam Estes, Sass Jordan took this classic song and truly made it her own. Her voice is stand out and rare in it’s power. Sass Jordan explains that the blues has always been inside of her  “The blues has always been a huge part of my life. It’s a big part of what I grew up with. It’s been there through my entire career.” Her career has spanned over 40 years and she has sold over 1 million records to date. sassjordan

The incredible harmonica performance was done by Mr. Steve Marriner. Harmonica riffs and guitar riffs fill the song but are careful to not step on Sass Jordan’s powerhouse of a voice.

“A blues record just felt like a natural transition from the energetic gritty rock stuff we’re sued to from Sass. There’s so much great Blues out there that we wanted to make a record to showcase some of it.” – Sass Jordan

Super powerful cover song! Get your blues on! Listen on Spotify now:

Written by Ryan Cassata 

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