Brian Walker Releases Catchy New Pop Song “Remember 17?”

Energizing Pop song, “Remember 17?” begins with a strong chorus. The song immediately start off with an upbeat melody composed of engaging vocals, colorful synths, and a airy beat. The verses describe the lyricist looking back on the past with catchy vocals interjected in between with “I need a shot of something, I need a shot of something strong.” The lyrics tell a story of the artist blaming himself for the fallout of the relationship, then realizing it may have been the other way around. The vocals of “Remember 17?” have a large range, from fully hitting all the notes in the chorus to having a rap vibe going on in parts of the verses. “Remember 17?” is a catchy song with quite a memorable melody, definitely hooking the listener in.

“Remember 17?” is a song I wrote reminiscing about one of my past relationships. It was a bit of a cathartic process to create the song, and helped my to close a chapter in my life and look toward the future. -Brian Walker

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Written by Hunter Lake

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