David Burchfield Has a Message: “You’re OK, It’s Alright.”

David Burchfield is out with a beautiful new song “You’re OK, It’s Alright.” Perfect for the current state of the world, the song brings some peace of mind to listeners. Even though it’s acoustic, it’s an anthem in it’s own way. It’s a song about carrying on and not only telling yourself that it will be alright, but believing it.


The song starts off with a soothing guitar that will captivate you right away. The vocals are soft and soothing throughout the song. It’s comforting to hear the message with this style of vocal delivery. The lyrics are haunting and deep going into the topic of a near death experience that happened to David Burchfield while riding a scooter in Colorado where he was attending graduate school. He says: “I was rushed to the hospital and was fortunate to only have a broken nose and a concussion. Taking a couple days off work to recover, I sat at home and just couldn’t stop thinking about how close I was to a far worse outcome. I knew could easily have died.” The experience clearly deepened his appreciation for life and his love for music. “I wrote this tune with the refrain ‘you’re ok, it’s alright’ as a message to myself. Since then, it’s become a hallmark of my live shows and many folks have told me how it’s been a comfort to them, too. It also marked the moment—with life’s brevity in mind—that I resumed chasing my oldest passion, making music.”

There’s more to the story. When we tracked this song, it was a very emotional moment for our fiddle player Danica. She’d flown out to the studio in Utah from New York, where she’d been with her mother who was very ill from cancer. Danica put on a good face and did a pro job with all her parts the whole time we were tracking. This song happened to come last, and we were scrambling to get her parts down before we had to hustle her off to the airport to catch her flight home. She nailed the intro track, “Midnight on the Water,” then our producer Joshua James suggested that instead of harmonies throughout, we just have Danica sing a unison melody with me at the end of the song. There she was, moments away from flying home to her mom, singing this refrain of reassurance and comfort. Sadly, her mom passed a few days after Danica got home. I’ll always remember this whole experience as one of the high holy moments of the recording of this album. – David Burchfield

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David Burchfield’s new album “State to State” will come out on June 5th, 2020.

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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