Rob Howe Shares Songwriting Masterpiece “Lying Awake” in Lockdown

Rob Howe, from the band Polarsets, is out with a mood-lifting song called “Lying Awake.” It’s his first release as a solo artist – and it’s a damn good one! This well-produced song is catchy from verse to chorus, start to finish. It’s addictive both in melody and vibe. Rob Lowe shares that “The song is about feeling pressure to think a certain way, like from your community or from your parents. It’s a call to think for yourself.”


Rob Howe has also shared a brilliant acoustic version of this song on Vimeo. Any song can be produced well and sound bigger than it is. An acoustic version really let’s the listener know how well written the song actually is…when it’s stripped down and bare, does it still shine? Is it still hooky? “Lying Awake” by Rob Lowe passes the test. We are eager to hear more! You can also listen to the song on Rob’s website:

Written by Ryan Cassata 

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