LGBTQ Artists Jenn DeSantis, Bryce Quartz, and Kat Hamilton Lead Artist of the Month Vote! + Music from All Artists in the Poll!

Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 6.00.28 PM

Rock the Pigeon’s artist of the month vote is picking up a lot of traction! Currently Jenn DeSantis is in 1st place with over 15,000 votes. Bryce Quartz follows with over 11,000 votes. Kat Hamilton is currently in third with over 6,000 votes. These artists in the top 3 all happen to be LGBTQ. There are several other LGBTQ artists in the running as well such as Tom Goss and Fab the Duo!

All artists in the running are featured on this Spotify playlist!


Enjoy these music videos from the Top Three now!


 Via Rock the Pigeon Staff 

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