Zach Benson and Gregory Dillon Deliver a Hot Hit with Mischief!

Zach Benson and Gregory Dillon are out with a fun pop song that is perfect for summer. The out and proud LGBTQ artists have brought the queer family a new anthem! LGBTQ or not, this song is truly a banger, that pop music fans can not ignore! “mischief!” is perfect for a beach party on Fire Island, a dance night in West Hollywood, a beach party with your besties, or to sing along to for mood lifting in your car on a hot summer day!


“mischief!” is a danceable pop song with deep lyrics and catchy melodies. From the verse to the chorus, this song will have you moving and singing along. The production is simple and smooth, letting the vocals breathe and float on the track in a magical way. It’s impossible to feel down while you’re listening to this song!

“Greg and I wrote mischief! about our memories of sneaking out back in high school, driving around with our friends and getting into good trouble. It’s a song we’ve been obsessed with since we started writing it back in January and I’m so glad it’s out in the world to soundtrack any kind of friendly mischief going on in your life.” – Zach Benson 

Zach Benson and Gregory Dillon are based in New York City. This is their first collaboration together. We hope it won’t be the last!

Enjoy this fun pop hit on Spotify now!

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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