Jon Jeremy Releases Catchy Emo Rap Song and Music Video

Jon Jeremy from Long Island, NY is out with a new song called “Falling” that will surely get stuck in your head. Along with the new banger, Jon released an artistic music video that showcases his style while also showing the emotions that come through in the lyrics. His facial expressions and rap delivery show how passionate he is about music and the songs topic of falling in love. The rapper wears Vans sneakers and a denim jacket in the video. Vibrantly colored beanies also help to make the video stand out. The music video was filmed in Brentwood by @rachel_elizabeth_photography94.

yeah we vibin’ hard,
Deep convos inside my car
But if you’re like me you’ve been warned
I’m also good at hiding scars

– Jon Jeremy, Falling Lyrics

The songs hook line is simple but irresistible. He sings it softly which adds an extra layer of emotion to the lyrics. The vocals float over a catchy emo style guitar riff for the chorus that feels more in the emo genre than the rap genre. The rap sections are clever and poetic. The lyrics detail the universal experience of falling in love quickly and perhaps getting lost in the love. The song combines elements of hip-hop, emo, trap, and pop punk in a stylistic way that stands out and begs to be listened to. Overall, this song is an example of great production, great delivery, and great lyrics! If you’re a fan of Lil Peep, Machine Gun Kelly you will surely love this song.

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