joan release electro-pop hit “don’t say you love me”

Joan is an electro pop duo out of Arkansas. They have released their next single from their upcoming EP’s called “Don’t Say You Love Me.” The song is a laidback summer pop song. It has the most catchy hook melody we have heard all week. “Don’t Say You Love Me” will surely get stuck in your head. The song took a long time to come to life. The band was not quite happy with the verse melodies and lyrics and for the first time in their careers they looked outside of their songwriting abilities to make the song a hit. The band says  “this song was in demo land for about 6 months. we loved the chorus that we had a lot, but could not find a verse that felt right for the life of us. one day last month we met and wrote with michelle buzz and hit it off right away. she’s the first person we’ve ever let in as far as writing lyric and melody to a song – she’s an absolute rockstar, and was the perfect partner to make this song what it came to be.” 

The EP’s “hi” and “bye” will be out later this year. Rock the Pigeon is super excited to hear their new work following this release!

The music video features cute internet graphics from the early 2000’s.

Hear this catchy song on Spotify now:

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