Miami’s Mustard Service Celebrate the Summer with LP, Variety Pack

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From the psychedelic arrangements in “VCM” to the coastal influences in “Alolé,” Miami indie rockers Mustard Service have released their new all encompassing LP Variety Pack via ONErpm. Variety Pack is the culmination of three years of work and the evolution of the band’s growth as both musicians and individuals. While staying true to their slacker rock nature — Variety Pack features trendy guitars and zesty drums, transporting listeners to the feel and atmosphere of summertime in Miami.
“This album is a collection of what we believe to be vastly different genres of music written over the span of the last 3 years, hence the name ‘Variety Pack.’ It also showcases songwriting by members of the band other than Marco, who before this album was the sole songwriter for the band (with an exception ‘Drugs and Alcohol’ off the EP ‘Fiddle Lake.’ ‘Alole,’ ‘Song for Marco,’ and ‘All or Nothing’ were composed mainly if not entirely by Gabriel Marinuchi (Nuchi) and LArkin’s PArkin’ was composed by Leo Cattani with only the lyrics written by Marco. As the band has progressed, each album has been more collaborative than the last and the guys seem to keep moving in a more collaborative direction every year, thus turning in a piece of work with such a ‘Variety Pack’ of sounds.”
 – Mustard Service
In support of the Variety Pack album release, Mustard Service will be hosting their final Zest Fest of the year at Miami Beach’s The Bandshell this Saturday, August 5. Featuring special guests Donzii, Seafoam Walls, and Better Than This, fans can purchase their last minute festival tickets here.

It all began with an ambitious college dropout who had just returned from a year-long stint in Germany. He scribbled the opening line “I’m going down” for a soon-to-be viral hit called “Taking up Space” in the comfort of his Floridian backyard — and that, mis amigos, is how Mustard Service was born.
Sons of Latino immigrants, the five-piece kick-started in 2015 and is held down by Marco Rivero (lead vocals, guitar), Gabriel “Nuchi” Marinuchi (guitar), Augusto “Tuto” Di Catarina (bass, vocals), Leo “Big Guy” Cattani (keys), and Adam Rhodes (drums). Self-identified as “zest pop,” the band’s eclectic mix of indie rock, surf, funk, jazz and bossa nova has made them the perfect representation of Miami alternative.
The new album, Variety Pack, is available across DSPs via ONErpm today.
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