Noah Pearce is a Must Hear Artist (with an EP on the way!)

21-year-old pop singer Noah Pearce is a must-hear artist. “Ballet Dancer” is an incredible introduction song to this rising artist. This song shows off Noah Pearce’s songwriting ability and dynamic singing voice. His singing voice will surely blow you away. It is bluesy, raspy, soulful, and filled with emotion that bring the lyrics to life. The lyrics dive into the topic of a long distance relationship that has come to a close and the heartbreak and longing that Noah now feels. The verse melodies are very catchy and after hearing the chorus, the listener will surely be hooked in to the brilliance of the vocal hook line. This is a song that will be stuck in your head, and be streamed over and over.

Ballet Dancer is a story about two people in love, who followed their dreams to different parts of the world, which ultimately lead to them parting ways. The narrative is that, despite this, the ‘ballet dancer’ still takes up such a big part of the singer’s mind. The song expresses the frustration of that, creating the imagery of the heart being circled by this person, which is both reminiscent of old times and symbolic of being stuck in a loop. – Noah Pearce 

The song was released with a great music video featuring Noah Pearce performing the song and an actual ballet dancer taking the center stage. Watch this breathtaking music video now:

A New EP is on the way so expect more music from Noah soon! Don’t miss it! Follow Noah: Instagram / TikTok, and listen to the song on Spotify now:

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