Today’s Outfit Unveils Electrifying Debut LP ‘It’s AlgoRhythmic!’ Due Out October 17th, 2023 [Pre-Order Now]

New York based band Today’s Outfit will soon release their debut LP on October 17th, 2023. Rock the Pigeon had the huge honor of hearing this incredible record early and is here to offer the pigeon scoop on “It’s AlgoRhythmic!”

Today’s Outfit proves their knack for combining retro sounds with modern sounds to create a record that is fresh and exciting – musically and lyrically. The band is set apart from other rock groups by their heavy use of a 10-string bass guitar and a Moog synthesizer. Each track on the record has a unique style to it, showcasing the many flavors the band has to offer. The talent of each player is clear throughout the record, this is a band with immense musical abilities and lyrics that share important messages that the world needs to urgently hear.

“Like A Dinosaur” starts the record off strongly. Funky guitar lines, heavy bass grooves, lots of cymbals and a grungy vocal delivery. The bass line is equally catchy as the vocal melody. The band says that the “lyrics represent the culture speaking to the masses, warning obsolescence if they fail to adopt and adapt to the latest tech.”  The message is clear in the songwriting. A heavily effected guitar solo comes through the speakers over a Moog bass line to show a psychedelic and experimental side of the band.

The next song “Book of Ancient Secrets” has lyrics about the internet’s lack of user privacy. This song falls bass and drum heavy, while the vocals are softer and more melodic, portraying the darkness and horror in the lyrics.

Two tracks are currently released on the LP to tease the 6 that will release on album drop day in October. One of the two tracks, “Best Seats in the House” was released in August with a high quality music video. “Best Seats in the House” is one of the most melodically compelling on the record. The song features heavy bass lines, rock n’ roll drums (even some cowbell), a synth solo, and vocals that are reminiscent of 1990s pop rock groups. The catchiest section of the song kicks off at the end as the vocals take on a more grungy sound. Watch the music video and hear the song on YouTube now:

“Metacops” has lyrics about protecting the privacy and data of internet users. It’s a great follow-up to “Book of Ancient Secrets.” The song’s synth and bass lines play in perfectly with the percussion, giving the listener a three-dimensional experience. The song continues to build until the vocals erupt. Following the song’s climax, we hear a musical calmness with a bass line that takes center stage and feels slower in pacing.

Track 5 “Future Heart” mixes guitars and synths cleverly, and sounds much like the 1980s musically, while the vocals fit in with bands in the early emo genre. This is one of my favorite tracks on the record for its musical diversity and emotional vocal performance.

Fuzz-heavy “Animal” has a quicker pacing, in 5/4, that will rock the listener into the Today’s Outfit fandom. Pulling from punk rock and industrial music, this song feels the most angsty out of all the tracks. It will take the listener on a real musical journey, plus the melodies are a major earworm.

The title track “It’s AlgoRhythmic!” has also been released and can be heard and bought on Bandcamp. Technically impressive drums and bass lines are the hallmarks of this song. The vocals fit in with metal and grunge. The lyrics are about AI taking over the world and running social media and the lives of humans. It’s a highly relatable song, as AI is currently a hot topic of both confusion and concern. This song could be heard on Bandcamp right now.

The album’s grand finale “Part of You” kicks off with a bowed bass guitar and slowly builds into an epic ballad of emotion. The lyrics center around social media and the internet bringing us far away from our real relationships and into loneliness and a false sense of happiness.

Pre-Order “It’s AlgoRhythmic!” by Today’s Outfit now on Bandcamp for only $7:

Review by Ryan Cassata, for a review click here.

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