Entzauberung’s ‘Cumulonimbus Capillatus’ Is Anything But Disenchanting

Entzauberung, a one-man Parisian emoviolence project, just released a new animated music video for its song ‘Cumulonimbus Capillatus’. Entzauberung, which means disenchantment in German, has been releasing music since 2015. In a genre prone to the derivative, this project has set itself apart through its clear affinity for black metal and a broader sonic dynamism. For a song that’s less than one minute, ‘Cumulonimbus Capillatus’ covers a lot of ground. From its spoken word into to its erratic, mathy body, the song is never fails to deliver. Entzauberung’s new album ‘Drops’ comes out on April 13. Go check him out Bandcamp!

Bandcamp: https://entzauberung.bandcamp.com/

Written by: Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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