‘Cameras’ by Estrons Is Patient, Layered Welsh Alt Rock with an Angsty Edge

7 31 18 Estrons‘Cameras’ by Estrons is patient, layered Welsh alt rock with an angsty edge. “During a live session for Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1,” these guys, “announced… their debut album You Say I’m Too Much, I Say You’re Not Enough will be released on October 5th.” ‘Cameras’, they say, is the album’s lead single. After a dramatic extended intro defined by consistent strumming and pounding toms, the song eventually takes off into a soaring, heart-wrenching chorus. Over all of that, some unbridled and viscerally emotive female lead vocals help give the track a little more form – especially in regard to messaging. These guys really know what they’re doing. Check out ‘Cameras’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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