Fernando Perdomo, Inspired by Pat Sansone of Wilco, Finally Gets His Dream Collaboration

Imagine getting to collaborate with one of the legends of the music world such as Pat Sansone of Wilco! Fernando Perdomo, an extremely talented singer-songwriter and artist, had the unique opportunity to work with his musical influence and inspiration Pat Sansone on a song titled “California Moon.” The song was written by Fernando Perdomo to be sung by Pat Sansone years before the recording process had begun. Fernando had always been inspired by Sansone and was even driven to learn several instruments and how to record and produce his own music. Fernando worked extremely hard for a very long time to be able to make his career grow to this point.


“Instead of Dancing in the Dark
Lets go out tonight
The moon is shining bright
lets go out tonight.”
– Fernando Perdomo, California Moon

Pat Sansone’s signature voice added to the already incredible songwriting and created a vibe that cannot be recreated by anyone. The instrumentation is so fitting with the poetic lyrical content. The lyrics transport listeners into a campfire setting with a beautiful moon and stars hanging in the midnight sky. Fernando’s career came full circle with this dream collaboration with Pat Sansone that is “California Moon.” Watch the magic happen in the official music video on YouTube:

“Pat Sansone is one of the nicest guys I have encountered in the industry. I am honored to be his friend and to collaborate with him on music. He inspires me both as a musician and a human.”
– Fernando Perdomo

Fernando Perdomo has released a record called “Fernando Perdomo Has Lost His Voice” which can be listened to anywhere music is digitally sold. The record features 37 songs all written and recorded by Perdomo and sung by some of his favorite singers. You can enjoy the 37 tracks on Spotify:

More info on Fernando can be found here: https://www.fernandoperdomo.com/

Written by Ryan Cassata

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