Introducing: Lizzy Ashliegh’s Futuristic Music Video

Lizzy Ashliegh’s new music video for “Peru” is more of a short film. Shot very artistically, with vibrant colors, and covering a lot of geographic ground, the music video takes the viewer on an adventure. It’s futuristic and compelling throughout! The scenery reminded me much of Daft Punk’s farewell video that was released a few weeks ago.

The songwriting is also breathtaking and compliments the music video well. A smooth R&B beat and and simple synth pads create space where the vocal becomes the soul focus of the song. The song features vocals from Jibrizy. All of the vocal deliveries, including the hook, are very captivating and mellow. Ready for your futuristic adventure? Check out the song and music video below:

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Official Website:
Credits: Starring: Lizzy Ashliegh, Jibrizy
Co-Starring: Te’keyah & Idso
Directed by Apollo Garris
Executive Producer: Lizzy Ashliegh
Production Supervisor: Ziiiro
The Comet Production Company: Apollo in Paradise

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