Stud Count: The Summer’s Poppiest Punk Band 

Norelle, Matthew, Bret, Max, and Jake make up Stud Count – a band that, based on their band name, really cares about how many studs adorn their clothes. According to them, the number of studs someone wore directly correlated with how “punk” they were back in the early 2000s. For a band with punk roots that is barely sticking to them now, this tongue-in-cheek band name is a parody of themselves and a brilliant two-word description to set the tone for the band’s upcoming self-titled album coming out on August 19th via Smartpunk Records. 

Our name is essentially a gag, poking fun at the old cred-check of asking for the amount of studs on one’s jacket. When I was growing up and getting into punk in the early/mid 2000s, this was a real and common occurrence, as ridiculous as it seems now. For a while there, people cared very seriously about the amount of studs you had, how “decked” you were etc. It was silly, but exactly on brand with what I was looking for as a preteen/teenage loner living near a major city.

Matthew Green, guitarist of Stud count

Photo credit: Matt Bender

From their early days in the punk scene, the members of the band have evolved to find more eclectic tastes and embedded them into their modern-day projects. The influences of their youth still make appearances, but with more nods to the catchy melodies and softness found in the pop genre.

“The joke is that this is the poppiest music I’ve ever written, having more in common with The Sundays than with the hardcore punk most of our members have been playing for a long time. If we’re being honest, pop is at the heart of punk rock. One of The Ramones’ biggest influences was The Beach Boys, and most of their hits are, at the core of it, classic American pop songs. We tried to tap into that side of influence for this record, and the band in general.

Matthew green, guitarist of stud count

The band’s pop influence is most evident in their newest single “Through My Window,” out now via Smartpunk Records.

Stud Count have more singles on the way in 2022 alongside a Spring 2022 US Tour and their album release this summer. You can follow them on Instagram for more updates on the way!

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