Debut Album Unveiled: Exploring the Musical Odyssey of Jared Bill’s Chloe

Jared Bill is out with his debut album, “Chloe” on South County Records. This country record showcases the storytelling songwriting talent of Jared Bill. The first song is an ode to his favorite holiday, the 4th of July, and is called “Shadows of the 4th.” It features gorgeous acoustic guitar strumming and lead lines. The next track “A Mechanic is a Man’s Best Friend” tells us a story about working class men. It’s a rock n’ roll anthem that is electric guitar driven. The most exciting part of this track is the electric guitar that soars through the speakers.

Next up, we have “Camel Crush”, which changes in tone from the previous two tracks. This song features illustrious piano and a string section. The vocals are delivered in a romantic fashion, as he tells the story of a girl that he crushed on. The metaphor of the famous cigarette brand and a romantic crush works perfectly and is quite impressive.

“Chloe”, the title track of the record, must be the muse of the album.  Jared Bill sings with fever to tell his story about Chloe, a woman that he spotted on the train and perhaps played a few of his songs for. The song erupts with a a distorted guitar solo, giving the vocals a rest, but signifying the intensity of the feelings.

“Covering up the Cross” is a country sounding song, with low toned vocals and guitar riffs. This acoustic drive song has a very catchy chorus melody that fans will be singing along to at lives shows. This brings us to “Lanky Like I Like”, a song that starts off with a fun drum groove, before developing into a country-vibed ballad. The slow pacing gives lots of space for the listener to hear the story behind the lyrics. He shares all about his dream woman. As the story develops from crush to lover, the singer moves in with the girl of his dreams.

The lyrics take a turn for the next track. “All I Want for Christmas is for You to Get Nothing.” Quick paced drums count this one off. Acoustic guitars, a slide, and a country sounding vocal are the hallmarks of this song. This song is angsty and filled with attitude. It’s a fun track!

“Sharona” has the most impressive guitar performance of the record. They are delivered in a retro style that fuses jazz, blues, and classical. Some of the lyrics are quite funny. You’ll have to listen for yourself to hear them! Jared Bill is quite the story teller!

“Queen of the Nursing Home” is about the powerhouse of the nursing home. It’s another song with comical lyrics. This one could really be part of a commedy set, if Jared Bill ever decides to get into any of that.

The grand finale of the record is a song that is named after the songwriter himself. “Jared Bill” shares part of his story in this song. If you’d like to know more about him, then dive in now by listening on YouTube.



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