Corm!! Let’s us know that All Trucks Go To Heaven with Standout EP

Corm!! has teamed up with 3 country music legends for epic remixes of his tracks, for their selt titled EP “Corm!!” Colt Ford, Ty Herndon, and Boomtown Saints brought their talents to these tracks to make them even more spectacular! This is a must-hear EP for any country music fans, especially if you love when country music fuses with other genres. This EP stays interesting throughout it’s 3 song run!

The first of the three tracks serves as the perfect introduction to this grand EP. “Dirt Road Anthem” is a collaboration with Colt Fort and Boomtown Saints. This song starts off country ballad style before a disco beats comes in. Soon after a club beat swoops in, in combination with a country rap section. The chorus part is very catchy, making fans want to sing along and dance along. This first track will persuade listeners to keep listening, and new listeners will become new fans of Corm!!

“Till You Get There” is a standout track on the the EP. It’s got a very catchy vocal melody from the first notes sung. The catchy melody continues throughout the course of the track, giving listeners another song to sing their heads off to. This song features Ty Herndon who elevates the track to new levels. The vocals and lyrics are relatable for all and very catchy throughout the entire song. It’s danceable and still very, very country. It’s got enough genre flavors for everyone!

The last track of the record is “All Trucks Go To Heaven.” This song features Boomtown Saints. This song is a ballad that features a country pop beat and heavy synths. The fusion of genres on this track is rare, but it artists made it fit perfectly and smoothly. Excellent choices of instrumentation and tones throughout. The vocals are delivered with a southern drawl that is hard to resist. Country fans will surely love this one!

All the songs on the EP “Corm!!” feature smooth and unique transitions throughout. There are surprises during each song, pulling from many different genres, but all coming back to the main genre of country. This is a memorable EP and a must-listen for any country-pop fans! This record deserves to be on the Top 40 country tracks. Listen to this spectator EP on Spotify now:

Written by Ryan Cassata (click here to submit your work for review)

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